A style blog dedicated to Claudia (bbs on YouTube). I am NOT Claudia, i am just a blogger. Feel free to ask me for exact outfits or inspired lookbooks :) x Becca
do you know what's the foundation she wears the most? (:
- danielitaxoxo

she wears the- Fit Me Maybelline Fondation

Instagram- The sole reason I am posting this photo is to let you know how life changing this jelly bean gum is
Instagram- Oh how I miss this️
Instagram- Morning Reads♡
I know this blog is for claudia, but do you happen to know where meghan's shorts are from in that instagram pic of her and claudia. they're the light blue ones that she's wearing with a tank top and white kimono. I've been looking and I can't find them! Thanks!!
- Anonymous

Hey :) i found them. here . but they are currently sold out at tobi.com. 

Instagram- LACE L♡VIN’
Instagram- Just posing in the good ol’ Sun-Times️#screaminginside  
Instagram- Fill yourself with merriment♡ 
Instagram- Sugar-free pudding couldn’t look any better